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The image is a part of the copper engraving panorama of Warsaw from the end of 16th c. It is the cartouche of the panorama consisting of three elements. On the left is the coat-of-arms of the Polish crone i.e. a white eagle. In the center is a decorative ribbon with "Varsovia" written on it. On the right side is the coat-of-arms of Warsaw presenting a figure of a mermaid armed with sword and shield, but in the manner of that time also with dragon's feet and wings. In the bottom of the image part of the city panorama can be seen. 0

Warszawa: metropolis-phoenix

Text written by Krzysztof Zwierz and Paweł Weszpiński The location of Warsaw was influenced by the experiences of Bolesław II, Duke of Mazovia (born after 1251, died 1313), who as a child lost his...

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This blog is dedicated to communication on the progress, events, and background of HiSMaComp. The joint Polish-German research team focuses on the use of historic survey maps for the analysis of past urban spaces...

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